14 anos de praia!
14 anos de praia!

News and Tips

 Ten things you must do while in Maresias !


1. Take a walk to the end of Maresias beach, all the way to ‘Canto do Moreira’. While taking this walk, pay attention to the typical residents of the place. Locals playing soccer; professional surfers; beautiful girls, and party lovers with a hangover from the night before.

2. Taste a good Açaí Berry Cream. It doesn’t matter if you are into sports or just want to finish the hangover from the night before, you must have it. Açaí Berry is pretty much available everywhere, from the baker shops to beach stands.

3. Rent a surfboard, and ride the most famous waves in Brazil. But be careful: If the sea doesn’t offer conditions, don’t take risks. The swell in Maresias changes a lot. You may also hire a private surfing instructor.

4. Shop in the local market. Fashion in Maresias is a big deal. There are several shops with products related to the beach life, and one of them will make you happy. Surfboards, bikinis, silver goods and silver wear, decoration, and much more.

5. Trekking to Paúba beach. This trail is easy to follow, takes about 40 minutes and goes through a small part of Rain Forest. The beach scenery is amazing for pictures!

6. “Warm up” at the Hostel Bar before going to night partying. Without paying to enter, you start the night tasting several beer brands and the ‘caipirinha’ with the best prices in Maresias. Everything in a very casual environment.

7. Go to Sirena. A very famous nightclub inside and outside Brazil, Sirena focus on electronic music, hosts DJs from all over the planet, and holds over 4,000 people comfortably. The house has been running for 20 years, without losing the reference of being one of the best nightclubs in Brazil. Come financially prepared, as it’s not cheap.

8. Enjoy a good Rock n’ Roll band at bar Santo Gole. Great place where Rock/Pop bands play. It usually gets filled up after midnight and, due to its restricted space, it sometimes closes the doors due to reaching full capacity. Don’t stay out of it! 

9. Eat good fish and seafood. There are great restaurants in Maresias that serve these dishes at reasonable prices. One of them is “Terral”, open for over 25 years. If you like to eat facing the ocean, “Badauê” is a great option, in spite of being a bit more expensive. Maresias has also Japanese cuisine and a great Argentinean pastry house.

10. Get acquainted with everyone at Maresias Hostel. For it is not just a regular hostel, Maresias Hostel receives a lot of interesting people, from all over Brazil and overseas. Of course the hostel also receives couples and families, but its main public consists of youths and singles. The best places to meet other people are: The swimming pool, the collective kitchen, and the Hostel Bar.





Maresias Hostel updates its Facebook page on a daily basis! Stay tuned of everything that happens in the most prestigious beach of Northern São Paulo coast. The most incredible night parties, the best surfing contests, the pictures at the beach and the events that take place in the Hostel.

And here you can find all the people that you met at the hostel! Like our fanpage to receive all about the good things that happen here in Maresias!                                                                                            


Maresias Hostel Rock Bar is now a brewery. It offers several beer brands, national and imported, really cold and at a fair price! We also have some good wines during the winter. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, you can watch the best soccer games. All of this makes Maresias Hostel Rock Bar a great option for an exciting evening!



...And learn how to surf at the best beach of the São Paulo coast. Big waves are waiting for you. Maresias Hostel now counts on several sizes and models of surfboards and body boards for rental. Choose yours at the reception.





Check in

Using this ID bracelet is mandatory in the hostel area. It is important for your safety and costs nothing for guests. Join us and collaborate to keep the hostel safe.


Get to know the best nightclubs in Maresias:

Electronic music with Arabic decoration
Opens in weekends and holidays
Website: www.morocco.com.br

Brazilian biggest electronic music club
Opens on Saturdays and holidays
Website: www.sirena.com.br

Bar Santo Gole
Pop Music and Rock-Pop bands
Opens in weekends and holidays
Website: www.barsantogolemaresias.com.br

Maresias Hostel Rock Bar
Brewery with Rock n´ Roll ambience
Opens every day
Website: http://www.maresiashostel.com/index.asp?pg=conteudo&id=146&idioma=us

Other important tips for the traveler:

*The temperature in the northern coast of State of São Paulo is in average 3 to 4 degrees hotter than in the city of São Paulo; the same applies to air humidity, also higher,

*The daily rate always includes breakfast;

*We have a TV room, swimming pool, Internet, and game table;

*We have an open kitchen that can be used by our customers;

*Bring your own towel or rent one at the reception, against the payment of a laundry fee - Maresias Hostel does not offer towels;

*Bring a lock for your wardrobe or rent one at the reception;

*We have a convenience store next to the reception, with a few items of personal hygiene, food, candies, beers, sodas, juice, snacks, chocolates, etc.

*The beach is one block away from the hostel and next to the trading area; therefore there is no need in driving a car in the region;

*Don’t forget to bring sun block;

*A few steps away from the hostel you can find pizzerias, snack bars, market, baker shops, etc. These are all great food options, for all tastes and at all price ranges;

*When arriving at the hostel, ask for more tips to the receptionists. They will always be at your disposal to inform about the best restaurants, nightclubs, what is open or closed. This is the best tip we can give you.


Rua Sebastião Romão Cesar, 406 - Maresias - São Sebastião SP
Fone (0xx12) 3865-6992 / Whatsapp F:(11) 99890-4667
Email: reservas@maresiashostel.com