14 anos de praia!
14 anos de praia!

HI Membership



O Maresias Hostel is part of the world’s largest and best hostel network, the Hostelling International. You can register with Hostelling International and gain discounts in your overnights at the Maresias Hostel or in any of the more than 100 hostels in Brazil, or 4,500 hostels around the globe.




How do I register?
It’s really simple. Look for the Hostelling International Association on your own country (www.hihostels.com) and get your affiliation. If you don’t choose for the affiliation, there is no problem. Your daily rate will be that one already booked, without the discount.






Special Membership Card - World Cup - 2013/2014 Model:


Cities in Brazil and world wide where you can find great HI hostels : 


Bonito-Pantanal    Barcelona   Rio de Janeiro

Miami - Flórida    Buenos Aires 

Arraial d´Ajuda-Bahia   Sidney - Australia

Berlin - Alemanha        New York  

 Paris          Cuzco - Peru      Califórnia - EUA

  Roma        Fóz do Iguaçu        Fortaleza

   Africa do Sul       Ubatuba        Parati



Rua Sebastião Romão Cesar, 406 - Maresias - São Sebastião SP
Fone (0xx12) 3865-6992 / Whatsapp F:(11) 99890-4667
Email: reservas@maresiashostel.com