14 anos de praia!
14 anos de praia!

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What is your favorite beer? Original? Serramalte? Weissbier? Skol? Craft beer? Stout Beer? Being a beer house, Maresias Hostel Rock Bar has no exclusivity with any brand. It sells several labels to all types of pockets. From the economic 1-Liter Brahma, to more elaborated, artisanal beers. The important thing is to celebrate life. A toast to Hommer Simpson! Prost!!!                                                    

Music is a serious thing in our Rock Bar. The best selection of Rock n´ Roll in all of its styles and formats is constantly updated for your delight.


Grunge, National Rock, Classical, Hard Rock, Progressive, Pop Rock, 60’s, and much more. Enjoy!


DJ DJ Ossos is the resident DJ of Maresias Hostel Rock Bar. He drinks a lot of beer while tripping listening to the Rock n´ Roll. His appearances are uncertain, not scheduled. Little is known about him, but his press counseling disclosed a controversial bio of his. He would have been born in a silk screen store at the building known as ‘Rock Gallery’, where he had the first contact with solvents and other fun liquids. For being a pretty baby, he was kidnapped by a decaying rock ‘n roll fan and taken to New York, where his new adoptive mother had an apocalyptic affair with CJ Ramone, Ramones’ bass player. Being a lost teenager, he fled to London, being kicked out of there for deejaying heavy metal in the kitchen of the boarding school he lived in, and for breaking everything. He then went to Berlin, where he remained hidden for several months in abandoned beer fermentation drums. Back to Brazil, and making use of his smoking musical knowledge, he finally became DJ OSSOS. Pay to see, and wait! You’ll listen about him.


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Rua Sebastião Romão Cesar, 406 - Maresias - São Sebastião SP
Fone (0xx12) 3865-6992 / Whatsapp F:(11) 99890-4667
Email: reservas@maresiashostel.com